Monday, 6 July 2009

Friday Sketchers #59

This weeks sketch is designed by Claudia and is sponsored by The Character Cafe.

Another card that i'm really happy with ... this week off must've done me good!
CS ~ The Works ... one of those fill your box for £4.99 jobbies!
DP's ~ Freebie download from Angelflight Scraps ... absolutely gorgeous beach papers and free!
Buttons and String ~ Stash
Starfish ~ Found a bag of these in Local Craft Shop ... never been before, but will be again if only to get some more of these.
Buttons ~ Stash
Image ~ RAK from Jill, coloured with Whisper Strokes and watercolour pencils
Tools ~ Sewing Machine, Martha Stewart Flourish Punch my new toy from TabbyCrafts. I'm loving this punch cos it dont matter how big or small your image is it can still have a fancy border. I think this is gonna be used to death lol ... You're gonna see a lot more of this!
Moving swiftly on to the Beth update ... last Monday my sis finally managed to get hold of Beth's ignition key ... apparently it fell in her pocket of Beth's keyring lol. We had decided to remove what we saw as the cause of the problem ... Beth wasn't a pain in the a** until she passed her test! My sis told Beth that she had her key, but clearly she didn't believe her ... well that is until Tuesday morning when she got in her car to go to work and realised it wasn't on her keyring. After launching the mop and bucket across the yard, head butting her brother and smashing her bedroom lightbulb she locked herself in the car and refused to come out!!! It took 2 hours to get her out of the car and after a stern talking too from my Dad she went to work late ... with Dad in HIS car lol! Every day last week we had whinging from her either in person or via text message. If she wasn't whinging, she was shouting, crying and being abusive ... which always helps when you want something pmsl! We did think that things were improving and that she was finally getting what we were saying to her ... how wrong were we?!!! .... Friday night my sis bought the ignition key home (hope been selotaped inside her locker door at Morrisons lol) so that Beth could drive them both to the hairdressers Saturday morning. You'd think after all the fuss she'd kicked up she'd have been in the car ready and waiting to go ... nah ... she lay in bed till the very last minute and then expected my sis to reverse her car out, Beth reverse her's out and then my sis put her's back ... well that wasn't happening when they were running late! So she had to wait till the afternoon to drive it, but with the condition that my sis was in the car when she did so. This caused yet another argument ... but she did comply eventually and off they went to get new tyres ... thanks to the new boyfriend, who whilst Beth was driving along pulled the handbrake up so they did a 360 degree turn in the road! Once they got back it was agreed that Dec (trainee mechanic) would take the heat shield off the car as it was rattling. Off my sis went up to her fella's and left the 2 kids at home with the gates padlocked so Beth couldn't get out ... or so we thought ...Dec being the angel he is {chokes} this week bought the new padlock for the gate ... handed over the padlock and keys still in packaging to my sis ... so to recap .... gates are padlocked, sis has the only 2 keys that came with it .... oh no ... Dec has the 3rd key that came with the padlock unbeknown to us ... he had no money so got Beth to pay for the spare key so she could go out ... bless him! Since then Beth hasn't been home yet ... well when my sis is there anyhow ... she's text asking to talk to her Mum ... who i might add has replied with "i'm not interested", due to the content of the text messages (me me me me!) Via text last night she promised she would be home early this morning ... we're still waiting! And to top it all Dec decided to top his phone up again to the tune of £60 this time on my sis's debit card ... that £240 in the last 2 months ... the bank still wont do anything about it cos its family ... so once again she's had to cancel her card and order a new one. She generally keeps it with her, but thinks that when Beth was kicking off she must've left it lying around somewhere and he copied the number down. O2 aren't interested either, still saying that Dec needs to phone up and cancel the card off his account ... like he's going to do that! How much fun are we having? BTW, this card is for Dec off my parents lol!


  1. oooh fab card, love the new punch I can't stop using mine either LOL! That little starfish is fab and works so well with the theme!

    Wow, double trouble by all accounts, they want their heads banging together!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  2. What a gorgeous boy card Jilli,l love the image and papers.

    Hugs Riet.x

  3. Oh what a fabulous boys card, love the image you've used. Hugs Michele x

  4. gorgeous card honey.. I really feel for you all, like tab said i think that i would bang there heads together.. hugs rachxx

  5. Great card how you've used the punch..fab detail.
    Thanks for joining us at FS.
    Carole x


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