Thursday, 2 September 2010

I'll Be Back Soon ...

It's seems like its been years since i last posted on my blog but with moving house, life just got in the way and probably will continue to for a good few weeks yet.  To update you all ... we decided to downsize and moved to a smaller house on 21st August.  The move went fairly well and when i look back on it now a couple of weeks on it was quite entertaining LOL.  We had a fantastic team of family and friends that helped us move.  I've never seen some many cars full of boxes before LOL!  Most of the time it was organised chaos, but we did it!  It didn't go without a hitch ... Andy cut his head open at the new house and came to show me, but i was too busy having a rage about the other peoples removal men and arguing with them to even notice ... so when he said to me 'it looks worse than it is' i didn't have a clue what he was on about PMSL ... even though he had a huge dressing on the side of his head and blood stains down his face! 

We're here and happy so thats all that matters, apart from the stuff we can't find, which i'm convinced is in a box marked 'all the stuff you've lost' .  I shall be back crafting as soon as i can get the dining room cleared and everything in its place, which hopefully once the wardrobe has been rebuilt wont be too much longer. 


  1. missing you and your fab creations xx

  2. Hiya Jilli, were missing you lots sweetie Hope you will be back reaaaal soon. Hugs Terry xxxx


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