Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bubbles Of Love .....

Paula has complained that I'm not updating my blog often enough :-/ .... now I'm not quite sure why she wants me to do this cos its not really as though we don't see each other everyday :| ...So here goes ....

After a really crappy day on Wednesday, missing O:) Dad and having lots of , I decided that the rest of the week would be spent partaking in a little retail therapy  of one sort or another.  Thursday we did the local charity/vintage shop and brought a few bits and bobs for the grandbabies.  Friday we really went for it and did the charity/vintage shops in the local town.  I got a pair of Next cropped jeans for £2.99 and a brand new, never worn bra for 99p! :D.  Today we went to the next town and also ventured into the charity/vintage shops where I managed to find a New Look T-shirt £1.50 and a pair of Next Linen cropped trousers £3.50.  We then wandered round the market and managed to buy £30 of assorted fresh meat and   .  We're now off to Queenies (Mum) for dinner, which is some lovely porterhouse steak, chips, onion rings and salad!

I used Mo Manning Bubbles Girl

... and again on the inside ...

I made this for my Mum's best friend who was in hospital .... she sadly died the next morning x

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  1. So gorgeous card Jilli,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx


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