Monday, 13 July 2009

Balloon Arch and Injury!

I thought i would share with you the balloon arches that i made for Rylee's birthday party yesterday. They turned out a lot better than we expected them too and everyone seemed to really like them.

We used the poles from the girls old tent ... i throw nothing away lol .... you just never know when it'll come in handy.

The balloons where from out of the helium cans that you can buy from Asda, each canister comes with 25 balloons .... again, i couldn't bare to throw them away. We didn't use them because we had balloons printed for our special birthdays in our favourite colours from here.

Now the photo below is my injury that i acquired this morning ... being a woman and super organised and multi-tasking, i was getting all Rylee's birthday presents, cards and letters that we needed to post together to take with us. I had my handbag full of stuff on my shoulder and some of Rylee's presents in my left hand. With my right hand i picked up the letters to put in my handbag so used my left hand with a carrier bag full of pressies in to open my bag on my shoulder ..... big mistake .... Rylee's pressie containing his goal posts ended up poking in my eye .... ouch!
This is the result and is about 3 hours after i've done it and one lot of eye drops from the chemist later! I've now had another lot of eye drops and a sleepy-byes but it still flippin hurts.


  1. omg! Jilli!
    your eye looks so sore!
    your balloon arches are amazing! I wouldn't have a clue as where to start.. bet that you were the best in Rylee's Eyes..
    hope your eye feels better soon. hugs rachxxx

  2. The balloons look great but your eye doesn't it looks really sore
    Wendy x

  3. OMG look at those balloon arches, your so clever! OMG and look at your eye, what are you like! Hope Rylee like his pressies!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  4. OMG!!! Jilli-bobs,that looks soooo painful!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    The arches look fab :o)x


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