Saturday, 5 September 2009

Stamp With Fun ~ Challenge #22

This weeks challenge is a fab sketch by Tina46.
CS ~ Stash
DP's ~ Raspberry Road Designs Vintage Doll Papers
Image ~ RAK from Tab ... thanks honey x
Flowers ~ Stash
Peel-off ~ Stash ... i will use them all lol!
Tools ~ Sewing Machine, Nesties, Woodware Leaf Punch, Glamour Dust, Watercolour Pencil, Tombo Blender Pen

Ok so i keep promising the Wedding Invitation Revoking story ... Please ensure that all Tena ladies are securely fastened as i accept no responsibility for wet knickers! ..... My future SIL sent me an email late last weekend, informing us that if we collect Tesco clubcard vouchers we could swap these in exchange for money off vouchers redeemable at the hotel hosting the wedding. I mailed back twice ... once asking her to find out if it would be worth it cos would do my weekly shop at Tesco rather than Morrisons and secondly having found out the information telling her, for us it wouldn't be worth it cos we'd never accumulate £10 of Tesco vouchers before the next due date. I had also checked out the hotel website and suggested that perhaps she should ask for discounts on the hotel rooms for wedding guests, as these were being charged at the same rate as non-wedding guests even though she'd been told that the price of all wedding guests rooms would be held at 2007 prices! Her response was shirty to say the least ... telling us she didn't care where we stayed be it a tent, caravan or a cheap B&B down the road (which i had mentioned to her ... initially i might add she had insisted that all guests stay in the wedding hotel). I was told that i had "been invited to a wedding that should mean something to me" and to basically stop complaining and that "if people dont like it, tough" Should i have a problem i should contact her Mum "she is the host after all" ... well, to be honest i was childish and threw my toys out of the pram! I mailed back explaining that i was only trying to help and told her that her "wedding means nothing to me ... all it is, is my brother-in-laws wedding" I then added that "Quite frankly i didn't give a flying BEEP as to whether i got an invite from" her "mother" her "or the BLEEPING Queen!" PMSL ... told you i was childish ... in hindsight what i should've done is walk away from the lappy, think about it and then reply with a smart mouthed email not a potty mouthed one!!! But hindsight is such a wonderful thing and I really dont have time to worry about at silly spoilt 29 yr old when i have Beth to worry about. Anyhow, last Saturday night i had an email from her Mother which basically says ... she "was disgusted by the abusive language that was used in" my "email," and my "now low opinion of my daughters wedding." And that she was "now officially informing" me that I "will not be attending the wedding. Under no circumstances reply to this email address or my daughters email address again." LOL ... well you just have too don't ya ... i replied with a simple "Thank You" PMSL ... If i'm perfectly honest, I truly didn't want to go ... it has, over the past few months turned into some sort of farce ... firstly with the invites ... which incidently are being returned ... asking my advice about wording, making a decision, then changing it at the last minute, when i'd spent hours on the lappy sorting it all out! I have been asked about Wedding Etiquette, when i told her, she's poo..poohed everything! So why ask? She's tried to tell us what colours to wear ... told us not to discuss anything with anyone ... i wasn't allowed to discuss wedding invites with the Outlaws ... the MIL was asked to make a sample wedding cake which was taken back to her Mother for a taste testing and we were told that it was hoped she liked it cos if not they didn't know how they would be telling the MIL that she would not be making it! And the list goes on ..!

Andy and Ellie, Fae, Scott and Rylee still have their invites ... for now lol! And i have told them not to make a decision on whether they will be going or not purely based on the fact that i wont be! Both girls were furious, Ellie text SIL and was told basically that the Fae and herself "weren't even considered" when she was picking bridesmaids ... the bridal party is all her choice and that this wedding is more her wedding than BIL and that he should be happy that her parents were allowing her to marry him .... what century does she live in? Was concerned about telling the Outlaws, but they took it really well, MIL even LOL'd, FIL was a bit miffed and insisted that i should still go! Showed them all the emails and the texts and i came home polishing my halo ... which is unusual!

Anyhow thats the story, I know you sometimes read the blog Shauna ... so correct me if i'm wrong on any of this and i will be more than happy to share your response!


  1. such a gorgeous card. loving the soft pastel colors and the flowers are nice:)
    Ps! thanks for the nice comment in my blog

    Hugs, Kerttu

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog. I loved your tale re the wedding. I know how you feel and sounds that you are better off out of it!!!
    Great card.

    Ali x

  3. Really pretty card Jilli & sooo PINK!!! :o)x

  4. Lovely card Jilli! Oh dear what a fiasco, weddings and funerals always seem to bring the worst out in folk.


  5. I haven't been blogging much recently and just had a nosey throuhg all your new stuff. all as stunning as ever, especially like this one..very pretty

    As for the wedding ... blimey!!

    xx kerry xx

  6. What a beautiful card Jilli,i love Tilda and colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.x


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