Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Weekend of Chocolate Making ...

As you might know, i have a new obsession ... making chocolates. I also want this new obsession to help out with Christmas this year which i need to be as much "homemade" as possible! I've also invested in soap base and a mould for that too ... watch this space! I still have a couple of moulds to use, but these where just testers for the fondant flavourings really. I wanted to make sure that they tasted right before i made a batch of chocolates!
These are chocolates made using the 15 flower chocolate mould . I painted white chocolate in the flower part of the mould, allowed it to set before painting 3-4 coats of plain chocolate over the base and up the sides. I've filled one with raspberry fondant which was the basic fondant recipe and 1/2 cup of seedless raspberry jam reduced on the hob to around 1/4 cup and then mixed in. The other 2 have a coffee flavoured centre ... yuk! But they look pretty LOL!!!

Above are chocolates filled with chopped nuts made using the 20 Cell Nut Chocolate Mould . For this i used a bar of Galaxy and a packet of chopped nuts from Morrisons. I'm not sure whether it was due to the hot weather outside or if its just the chocolate, but i didn't like how it melted and it didn't set as hard as i would have liked. What i need to do is check what the consistency of the chocolate is like now, a few days after .... oh what a chore LOL!
These have to be some of the most delicious chocolate's i've tasted and if you love Terry's Chocolate Orange then these are for you! I melted milk chocolate and added a few splashes of orange flavouring. I used the Diamond Chocolate mould which has 11 large diamonds and 16 small diamonds. I think i need to work on the air bubbles with this mould, as you can see they have a few holes in them, but hey they taste great and would look fab in a bag with an assortment of plain, milk and white chocolate!

So, still to use is my Easter Egg mould, 15 Rose Chocolate mould and 15 cell Chocolate Caramel mould that i thought looked a lot like Rolo's, but would be delicious with caramel and a hazelnut inside!


  1. oohh I am feeling hungry now ,, they all look gorgeous !! I love coffee choccies,, well all choccy really :-)

    Lols x x x

  2. Your obsession is making chocolates - mine is eating them! These look utterly divine Jill.

  3. wow these look delicious. Is there any end to your talents..? LOL

    Tracy x


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