Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hazelnut Rolo's .....

I thought it was about time i showed you some of the other things i've been doing just lately ... only because the cards i've made are for future Sketch Saturday Challenges and i'm not allowed to show them yet LOL!

I managed to make the most delicious chocolates for my Dad's birthday the end of May. He loves Galaxy chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts .... so what could be better than giving him my version of a "Hazelnut Rolo" .... i say Rolo, only because the chocolate mould i used reminds me of Rolo's!

For these i used ...

  • 1 Bar of Galaxy Chocolate ... melted
  • Whole Hazelnuts
  • Caramel ~ Recipe from here
  • 15 cell chocolate caramel cup mould ~ available here

These were so easy to make and looked fab IRL! The only problem i had was with the Galaxy chocolate ... it just doesn't seem to melt right, it has an awful consistency when melted and has a tendency to bloom (white mottled look) if you turn the heat up. I ended up having to set it in the fridge, but even then it still felt a little tacky to the touch. I didn't want to leave it in too long because of causing sugar bloom (similiar result to fat blooming).
Anyway, they were received gratefully and taste tested by many ... the photo only shows 16 but i actually made 32! LOL ....

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  1. Yummy, these look gorgeous...... Hope you don't mind Jilli but we've given you an award on our blog (

    Tracy x


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