Friday, 18 June 2010

Father's Day Treats ...

Working with my homemade gifts year as much as possible, I decided to make some toffee and fudge gifts for Father's Day, which is celebrated in the UK this weekend.  I hunted the internet and found a couple of recipes that looked easy enough to try.

Above, is the toffee that i made using this recipe ... it was easy to follow and made the most delicious toffee ... Andy and girls said it tasted like Thorntons!  I wrapped each toffee in a square of baking parchment so that they didn't stick together and popped them in a cello bag that i got from here.  I wanted a sentiment for the top of my bags and found one at Create with TLC from the Slogan Collection.

Next, i went on to Fudge making.  This recipe was for a fabulous Fudge ~ 5 minute fix, again it was really easy to follow and makes the most gorgeous fudge.  The sentiment for this was also from Create with TLC but was one of Paulette's fab freebies that she has so many of!

Now i just have to hide all of these sweeties from Rylee, who would eat it until it comes out of his ears given half the chance!


  1. These look scrummy Jill, I am going to give these a try, is corn syrup the same as golden syrup??


  2. mmmmmmmm... these look scrummy Jill, I am going to have a try at this, is corn syrup the same as golden syrup?


  3. Hiya Jilli OMG sweetie what a Yummie post did you place on youre blog....I want some fudge...mmmmmmyummie I just love just looks delicious....
    thanks for sharing sweetie, hugs terry and have a fab weekend. xxxxx


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