Friday, 30 November 2007

Tweet Tweet!

This weeks Dare at Daring Cardmakers ... "the theme is to do with our feathered friends!(Are you remembering to feed them now it's chilly out)Robins, love birds, cartoon birds, stamped birds, paper pieced birds, dingbat birds. Its up to you. I dare you to make a card with a bird or birds on, it doesn't have to be a real species, the more weird and wonderful the better!"
I made this using Pink Petticoat papers from "Doodleicous Christmas" and the image stamp from "Rainbow Christmas"

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Papertake Weekly Challenge - We three....Kings?!?!

Here's my card for this weeks challenge, which is ..."We three... Kings?' is to use 3 images on your card! (Christmas if poss please!!) They can be three the same or three different!!"

I used Pink Petticoat Rainbow Christmas papers, punched out 3 snowflakes from black card and added a snowflake brad from Poppicrafts.

Santa's Little Extra Helper no 6: "Hang Up Your Stockings"

Here's my entry for this weeks dare. The papers are Pink Petticoat "O' Christmas Tree" and the stocking is cut using my new toy - Cuttlebug!

Altered Note Books

I took these boring, ordinary black note books and added a bit of pizazz!
I used Pink Petticoat papers, some ribbon and the paper flowers from Poppicrafts, along with the flower shaped swirly clips.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

More Exploding Boxes!!

Well I did say that I was hooked. That hooked that I made two yesterday...I did end up with a headache though, must remember to pace myself next time lol. I was asked to make another baby exploding box but this time in pink. Why do I find it easier to make girly cards? I enjoyed making this one far more than the blue one. Perhaps its cos I'm always conscious of making a boys card look too girly, whereas a girls card can never look too girly. Anyway, the other box, a wedding card, was made using my mother-in-laws Wendy Rhodes Exploding Box template, which was brilliant, although I must say I prefer my version with 3 layers rather than Wendy's which only has two! I've decided that perhaps I should leave the exploding boxes alone for awhile now so that I dont get bored of them...not sure if that'll happen, but I can try.

This is only a quick blog, not that you'd notice...I'm off out for lunch. My darling daughters (cough) are taking us out for a meal to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary last Thursday. Oh I forgot to mention...I got a Cuttlebug for being the most fantastic wife in the world! Personally I think it was to shut me up moaning about needing one and not being able to live without one. Amazing that after all these years it still works doesn't it....yeah that too lol! No, the old "everyone else in blogland has one, but me!" pmsl......

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Papertake Weekly Challenge - O' Christmas Tree

I've just started doing these weekly challenges, firstly with Daring Cardmakers and after looking at hundreds of other blogs and seeing peoples challenges for Papertake, I thought "oh what the heck, lets give this one a try too". So heres my attempt at the weekly challenge "O' Christmas Tree"

Santa's Little Extra Helper no 5: Baubles, Bells & Bows

Oooh I'm beginning to really get into these card making dares! Here's my effort for the mid week challenge.

I used Pink Petticoat "O' Christmas Tree" in cranberry for the backing papers and for the bauble and Pink Petticoat sentiment and tags. The rest were scraps from my craft cupboard.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Exploding Box!

My first attempt at an exploding box and i'm hooked!

I was asked to make a Christening card much like the ones I've done before, but you know how it is ... I was bored of making them. So on the off chance that the person who specifically asked for a name card would like something different I set off with this creation. I found instructions here which I found easy to follow and started printing papers from Pink Petticoat and Crafters Companion Cds. I dont think its too bad for a my first try.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Golden Highlights

I made this card for a friend today. She asked me to make a Christmas card for her Mum and partner (although to begin with it was just her Mum, in case anyone notices lol), she had no idea what she wanted so I had free range with it. I decided to use my "Ultimate Keepsake Board", which was one of the first I ever bought and this was the first time I'd used it! I have to say I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Thought I'd also use this card for this weeks DCM dare, which is "to make a card for any season or occasion but must include gold somewhere". I think it fits the bill lol!

Piles of Presents

This is my first time doing a Daring Cardmakers challenge. The subject is "Piles of Parcels". I used Pink Petticoat Rainbow Christmas for the backing papers and the puff box template which I resized and printed on to backing paper from a Crafter's Companion Christmas cd I had lying around and tied them up with silver curling ribbon.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Another Christmas Handbag

Yet another Christmas card! I used Pink Petticoat handbag card template and papers.
I've not really done much crafting this week, haven't had the chance. Its just been one of those weeks!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Curvy Card

Used the fantastic curvy card template for this birthday card. I'm really pleased with it and think that its going to be one of my favourite templates. I know its only the second one I've made but the results are fantastic - even though I say so myself!

Christmas Handbag

I was asked to make a Christmas card in the shape of a handbag and here it is. I used the handbag template from and pink petticoat doodleicious Christmas paper. I cut the holly leaves out by hand from photo paper printed green and used red beads and gold cord from a Christmas decoration I massacred that I brought from Poundland.

I Hate November!

I got loads done yesterday, not sure how I managed it, but I did. I was asked by the girls and the father-in-law to make a card for the mother-in-law's birthday, as if I didn't have enough to do lol!, cos I personally find it dead easy to make 4 completely different cards for the same person....NOT! Which is the same thing that's happened with the male birthday cards - all 3 males live in the same house, both the girls want cards making for them, so that makes 9 different cards!

I decided that inspiration was required and had a good look on pink petticoat, which is why three of my cards look very similar to the design teams, but i do think their my interpretation of their ideas - thanks Becky and Jo! Anyway I managed to get six cards made, including a Christmas card a friend had asked me
to make.

I have decided since taking this photo and finding in the deep dark depth of my craft cupboard, that I'm going to add purple teardrop gems over the flame just to add a little sparkle.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Another Baby's First Christmas!

I've made another Baby's First Christmas - I used the template I downloaded for the birth congratulations card and used my Pink Petticoat papers to cover the card.

Crafty Templates

Done three male cards with the help of crafty templates. I'm soooooo glad I subscribed. Anyhow this is what they turned out like!

I've got loads more cards to add to my blog, but I just don't seem to have the time. I must try to make more of an effort to blog!