Saturday, 21 June 2008

Look What I Got!!!

The postman's just been and he brought me my order from Poppicrafts. What a fantastic service, ordered them Thursday wasn't expecting them till next week! But look what I got....

OMG! all that ribbon and those buttons! I know its sad but I'm gonna have sooo much fun putting it away in my glass jars! The biggest problem will be actually making myself use it

Moving on, Ellie was in show last night. "Hair and Beauty present A Night at the Theatre" with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care. All hair, beauty and nail students did a turn, either performing or doing the catwalk showing off their hair and make-up designs. Ellie was part of the first act "Level 3 Beauty present Rocky Horror Show". In preparation the girls had spray tanned each other (Andy and I are having one later today, Ellie got all the equipment for Christmas, but has only just learnt to use it at college) and did each others make-up. The hair students styled their hair. They'd had the dance students choreographing for them and it was absolutely fab! We were really excited for her and turned up early to take photos of her before she went on .......but, me being an idiot forgot to change the batteries in the camera and switched it on to take a photo ... change batteries ... appears on the screen. So, I do have a photo but its taken on my mobile so its not so good. Once the professional ones arrive I'll put one of those on!

This was taken after the performance. They did have a group photo and as soon as I get my mitts on it I'll upload it! But anyway doesn't she look fab. Her false eyelashes were great, they had little diamantes on.

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