Thursday, 19 June 2008

Rylee's Birthday Invites

As you all probably know, Rylee, Andy and I have this thing about Giraffe's. For those that don't know it started the day after he was born. Andy and I wanted to buy something different to take to hospital on our first official visit to our very first grandchild (we'd already seen and I'd been the first to hold him, but that doesn't count!) I knew that I wanted to buy a balloon, but I didn't want the usual balloons that you can buy from most florists. I wanted something special! We found a shop about 5 miles away from us that did huge balloons with gifts in, so off we went. Once there we were faced with a shop full of cuddly toys and other paraphernalia, but amongst all that one little Giraffe called Buttons stood out! We had him put inside a huge balloon along with little white and pale blue balloons and put in a box with a huge bow and topped with another balloon .... see below.....
And so our love of giraffe's was born! Since then we have bought clothes for Rylee if they have had a giraffe on, books, toys and even pyjamas for myself! I've made 3 birthday cards with giraffes on for his 1st birthday (2 of them are already on here and finished the 3rd last night, but not got round to taking a photo yet) So, it was inevitable that I should make birthday invites that have giraffes on...

The invitations were made following a tutorial Here, which I found very easy to follow and understand. CS ~ Crafts Cental, giraffe image on the outside courtesy of Carol, which I scanned and printed on to cream CS (not sure if I was allowed to do it and I apologise in advance if I'm not!), giraffe on inside is a clipart image found via google, sentiment is done on PC, ribbon from stash. I had lots of help making these from Andy, we spent most of the morning measuring, cutting and was good fun! Fae and Scott haven't seen them yet with being on holiday and we can't wait to show them when they get back tomorrow!


  1. What a fab idea, so clever! they lookk brill. x

  2. The invites look fab Jilli, I bet Fae & Scott will love them. Glad to hear Andy's been a helping hand with your crafting, I wonder if it will continue....hehehe!!! xx vicki xx

  3. Wow Jilli, these invites are awsome...well done.
    You asked how i distressed using a's quite easy really you just hold the ruler at an angle and then rub the long edge of the ruler againt the gentle at first else you can tear the paper do the bits on the corners i find it easier to hold the ruler like a potato peeler(pretend the paper is your found a tutorial on it somewhere ..but for the life of me i can't remember where...sorry.
    I'm not too great at explaining.
    hugs rach.xx


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