Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Inside The Laughing Cow!

I finally managed to get the inside of the laughing cow box finished last night whilst sat in front of the TV watching I'm A Celebrity .... does anyone else wanna punch Gillian Mckeith or is it just me?!

Anyway, on to nicer things ...

... I've made this gorgeous bracelet, wired every single bead by hand ... all 114 of them and attached them to the charm bracelet with jump rings.  I brought the beads and bracelet from ebay ... a fantastic seller who has a vast array of beads and other stuff that you'd need for jewellery making ... here ... all at the most reasonable prices ... would you be shocked if i said that the whole thing cost £2.37, obviously not including P&P which was a couple of quid, but i'd order a lot of other stuff too

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