Monday, 26 September 2011

Sketch Saturday DT Call ... Dad Update

So i'm sitting on the sofa still wrapped in the snuggie blankie, filling my face with a nice ham baton and packet of cheese and onion Walkers Baked crisps when the :)] rang ... it was Mother ... great!  I've got to the point now that I dread seeing their number on the :)] display .... Dad felt unwell and had a rash!!!   We (DH, Niece and I) broke all land speed records and dashed round there.  Mum had already :)]ed the on-call Oncology nurse who had told Mum to get me to call her once I arrived, which I did.  She prompted me with questions to ask Dad about how he was feeling and then advised I call the "out of hours" GP.  She said she wasn't unduly worried :-S but did feel he should be checked over by a Dr.  I called BADGER (Birmingham And District General practitioner Emergency Room) ... didn't know Staffordshire came in that category but there you go, you learn something new ... who asked more questions and told me they would pass the details on to a Dr who would ring me shortly.  10 minutes later and that deed had been done ... a Dr would be with us in the next 4 hours ... no rush then /:)!   Anyway to cut a long story short, the Dr came out, checked him over thoroughly and advised we ring the Oncologist this morning.  I :)]ed the on-call Oncology nurse back to give her an update and she said she'd contact the Oncologist for me and get her to ring me this morning.  And she did ... she told me that she was happy :) that what Dad was experiencing was just another side-effect but should the rash get worse or start to itch we had to take him in.  

So today he was up, showered, dressed and on the way downstairs when I arrived ... I was surprised  :-O to say the least but very pleased he felt well enough to be up.   Ulterior motive for feeling pleased ... had taken 81 nappies with me that needed rolling and fixing with elastic bands ready for the Nappy Cake ... I think he enjoyed himself ...:>

Anyway, the real reason for this post is ... Jo and I are looking for 2 new design team members to join Sketch Saturday! \:D/  Initially only for a 3 month trial, which will hopefully lead to a permanent position. 

We can't offer you any freebies, that's not what we're about, although occasionally a sponsor will give us free images which is wonderful and very much appreciated.  However, we can offer you friendship, we have a lovely DT ... even if some of us are a little 

What is required:

You MUST have your own personal blog and be prepared to post each week.
You MUST be able to make a card each week, and upload it before midnight on the Friday before the challenge goes live.
You WILL get the sketches well in advance, so you will have plenty of time to create.
You CAN use any craft materials you like to make your DT work (except copyright protected images of course),
The ONLY *rule* is that you stick as close as possible to the sketch, but of course artisitc licence plays a part and is welcomed, you don't have to be 'spot on' but the sketch design needs to be seen within your work.
You MUST post about our challenge on your own blog each week, leaving links to SS and to our sponsors on all posts.
You MUST be prepared to leave comments for challengers, currently 1 challenger in every 10, although you are of course allowed to leave comments for more should you have the time to do so.
You WILL be expected to take a turn hosting a DT week.  DT weeks are the first Saturday of each month, the DT member is asked to make their own sketch for the challenge, arrange a sponsor, and arrange the guest designer (GD) too. You will be expected to type up the post for this week.  DT week is only for one week, but your GD will be with us for the whole month, so would be expected to make a card for each Saturday in the month you would be DT host. You are responsible for uploading your GD's cards each week before the deadline.  You must also type up the winners post the following week after your DT week, and arrange for your winner to receive their prize from your sponsor.

Sketch Saturday is a challenge blog like any other, we have no problem with our DT members being on other challenge blog DTs too.  We expect ALL of our DT members to treat SS with the same respect as others.
If you are currently on other DTs then please do apply to join us if you want to be a part of our team too, however, if it is going to be a problem for you to make a card for us if you have deadlines from other DTs to keep to, then please do not apply if this means that SS could be pushed to one side because you need to make your card for another challenge blog instead. This would not not fair to the rest of us.  We are equally as important as a challenge blog who gives you freebies to use, and expect all of our members to treat SS with the same respect.  If you are able to make a card for other DTs then you are able to make a card for us too. Fair's fair.

If you would like to join Sketch Saturday, please email myself (Jilli) and Jo with THREE of what you consider to be your favourite cards to date.  Please provide links to just the 3 blog posts of the cards you would like us to see. No more than 3.  DO NOT just give us your blog address, we can look through your blogs anyway, we only want specific posts please.

We want to arrange our new DT members asap, so if you could get your emails to us sometime over the next week, then that would be fab, thank you.

We look forward to receiving your emails! :)

Jilli & Joxx

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  1. Great news Pops was up to nappy rolling with all the drama. :)


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