Thursday, 22 December 2011

For Our Two Special Ladies ..... Trish & Nanna (Renate)

.... those ladies have been a Godsend to us since they moved next door to my parents.  They have been with us through all the bad times, they've crying with us, :)) with us and just >:D< hugged us when we needed a hug.  Not only did they help us when Dad was :-& ... Trish gave Dad some Reiki and myself whilst I was sat outside in the October sunshine having a moment .... but since Dad died, they've been absolute  smileys, helping us by looking out for Mum and putting her cream on every morning and evening to save one of us having to go back to do it.  

We wanted them to know how special they are to us and how much we appreciate what they do and have done.  That we don't take their kindness for granted!

So I put together this little gift basket ....

I cased the idea of the Vintage Cider and Spice Mix from Mina

Our ladies were thrilled with it all and after the  crying  we all shed came the beautiful :D.

love struck you both lots like Jelly Tots xxx

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