Sunday, 1 January 2012

Recipe Cards .....

Happy New Year to you all!!!  I'm just lay on the airbed in the lounge laughing at Mum trying to sit on the sofa and getting her feet stuck under the airbed, which ended up her losing her slippers!  Don't you just love early morning entertainment? straight face

If you know me well you will know that I love nothing more than giving practical gifts for Christmas and Birthdays and this last year was no exception!  We decided that we'd buy the Outlaws a bread making machine happy after chats with them about home made bread!  (last year was a slow cooker that they just adore) ... Along with the machine, we gave them the ingredients that they would need to make one of the loaves of bread .... thumbs up

... I spent a couple of days sourcing recipes that we'd like to try big grin and made the above recipe cards using Shabby Princess Holiday Recipe Collection ... after buying the bread machine for the Outlaws, I did nothing but whinge and whine raised eyebrows about wanting one for myself, but just couldn't justify spending that amount of money on just little old me  .... So, I was pleasantly surprised reduced to tears when I opened one from my gorgeous girls .... I wouldn't normally crying over a kitchen appliance, but I was feeling a little fragile after giving Mum her digital photo frame loaded with photos of Dad angel.  I've used my machine already to make a white loaf and i'm planning on making a cheese and bacon loaf today or tomorrow!

The other recipe card was to go with a Popcorn maker for my Great Niece .... she'd borrowed mine and  love struck  it so we got her one of her own ...

... again we wrapped all the ingredients for her ... even a tin of condensed milk winking ... that had to be rescued Christmas Eve from the Outlaws house ... DH had wrapped it and put it with all their bread making ingredients .... sighcan't rely on a bloke to get anything right!!!

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  1. What fabulous gifts Jilli, your daughters sound as thoughtful and wonderful as you. Hugs Amanda xx

  2. What a fab idea Jilli, love the recipe cards, so pretty. Had to laugh about your Mum's slippers. How come the daftest things keep you entertained for ages, we had the best time with a whistling balloon New Years Eve.

    Donna x

  3. What a neat gift Jill and really beautifully done! A bread maker sounds awesome...I love me some Glad you got one for xmas! :D

    xx Tracey xx

  4. Jilli what super duper pressies honey and beautiful recipe cards too. Even though they're practical pressies you've really added the personal touch and buying the ingredients too, you're an absolute sweetheart!
    Bug Hugs,


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