Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Jilli Wonka's Chocolate Factory ....

I know for a few days now i've been going about the chocolates i've been making but not shown you any photos up till now that is ......
This first picture is of Andy stirring the fondant to make it set ... it has to spend around half an hour in the fridge on the tray cooling once its fetched out of the saucepan ....
I didn't fancy melting the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan and looked on the internet for alternatives ... I found that Eloise's wax heater does the same thing as some of the devices used to melt chocolate. So, i got her to clean it out, I found some clean pots in my cupboard and thats how we melted the chocolate and kept it melted ....

Below is the chocolate mould brought from EBAY and when i can find the packaging slip i'll put on the silicone mould website where its from. To get to this stage i've painted each hole with a thin layer of chocolate and gradually built it up, allowing the chocolate to set in between each layer ...

After I made the fondant and it was set (as they say in the recipe) i divided it into 4 and added flavour and colouring ... Peppermint, Orange, Lemon and Strawberry ...

And this is the end result and the packaging that i've created for some very special people in my life ...

The chocolates from left to right are ... Milk Chocolate Orange Creme's, White Chocolate Strawberry Creme's, Plain Chocolate Peppermint Creme's and Plain Chocolate Lemon Creme's. Since taking the photo i've made my version of Belgium chocolates (filled with Nutella) and today i'm giving milk chocolate fruit and nut a whirl and i thought white chocolate with cranberries in might be nice!

The fabulous Taste Word Art is from Create With TLC.


  1. hun these look delish, you are so clever, i would get into a right pickle... well done ..xx

  2. OMG I fancy chocolate now, bang goes the diet.

  3. Good afternoon Jilli, wow what gorgeous lookings chocolates hunny, are there no end to your talents? Looks like you had lots of fun making these, well done you. Hope your well hunny did email you, hugs Linda x

  4. OMGOSH!!!! What the flippin heck?! You are always up to something,they look amazinggggg!!!
    Go you, Jilli-bobs ;o)x


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