Thursday, 15 April 2010

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates ....

... you never know what your gonna get!
... which couldn't be more true with this little lot, quite simply cos i've not put a guide to which is which LOL! Why spoil all the fun?! But cos its you lot i'll tell you which are which ... from left to right starting at the top .... 2 milk chocolate fruit & nut, 2 white chocolate strawberry creme's, 2 white belgium chocolate equivalents, 2 milk chocolate orange creme's (the chocolate looks funny cos i melted it too quick, but its fine honest!), 2 plain chocolate lemon creme's, 2 milk belguim chocolates, 2 plain chocolate peppermint creme's and lastly 2 white chocolate cranberries.
This is the front of the chocolate box ....
CS ~ Stash
Ribbon ~ Stash
Word art ~ Create with TLC
Dewdrops ~ TabbyCrafts
Tools ~ Dovecraft Daisy punch, Nesties, Ribbon Slot Punch


  1. haha, this is a little like day jar vous... can't spell..
    these look delish hun, bet that they taste just as good as they look.. you aint arf been a busy bee... xxx

  2. Wow Jilli, you are a lady of sooo many talents! These are absolutely stunning, making me drool!! Thorntons had better watch out!! Can't believe you have actually made these yourself and the box is stunning too.

    Well done

  3. Blummin nora Jilli-bobs,u will be giving Thornton's a run for their money soon,lol!!!
    They look yumscious :o)x


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