Friday, 15 August 2008

Am I Surprised or What?

I arrived home just after lunch today to find that the postman had been, which is a surprise in itself, cos it was only 1.00pm and he has been known to deliver mail to our house at 5.00pm, but anyway! On my mat (which is lie cos I dont have one) I found a brown envelope, which normally isn't good. I couldn't for the life of me think who it was from or what it was. I stood looking at it trying to work it out cos it felt odd .... why dont we just open mail instead of inspecting and trying to guess whats in it?! To my great surprise, when I eventually opened it I found it was a stamp I ordered YESTERDAY at lunchtime from dewdropcraftz. It was the fab stamp that was last weeks Cute Card Thursday prize "Just Like My Daddy" and cos I didn't win it I stropped off to the webshop and bought it. I didn't for the life of me expect it to turn up today though! I had hoped I'd have it before the 26th August cos I wanted to use for Andy's birthday card off Rylee, thought it'd be quite nice. I know it says Daddy but it be Pops lol! What a super fast service! I shall definately be buying from here again!

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