Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Yes Another One...!

Guess what I've been up to today?......

I'm sorry but I had to just try it with a photo printed on tissue paper, just to see if it worked ... and look it does!! I think this obsession is getting out of hand, but I had to do another one to show the mother-out-law (oops in-law) how it was done. She was really ****ed off when I showed her, but I just had too (innocent smile) lol and has now dashed off into town to buy candles and tissue paper to try it herself pmsl!


  1. Oh wow no wonder MIL loved it how did you get your printer to print on tissue paper.
    What a cute little cherub this is
    Hugs Jacqui x

  2. Thanks for visiting. You were brave to run that through the printer with excellent results. :)

  3. Fabulous Jilli...they keep getting better!!!
    Carole ;o)

  4. wow the photo looks fab, you getting way too good at this Jill x

  5. This is the sweetest!
    You are so clever, this is so impressive. Is'nt he a cutie.
    kim x

  6. Tee hee, you're so naughty but I love it! How on earth do you print on tissue? It's amazing and what an absolutely adorable little one. Hugs, Chris x

  7. lol you are so funny Jilli,
    This candle is really impressive....i wouldn't even think of running tissue paper through the printer....with such stunning results.
    Rylee looks totally adorable...

  8. This is awesome hun WTG xxxx

  9. Wow! This is an awesome idea!!! You rock! He's a cutie pie!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  10. Wow, i love the candle, clever idea to use tissue paper! Crafty computer papers do a wet decal paper for this kind of project, but it is expensive, tissue paper sounds so much better! Thank for stopping by my blog!
    hugs m x

  11. Oh you are evil Jilli lol!! It looks gorgeous!!
    Love Becky xx

  12. Oooh it's brilliant! How clever is that - you little star Jilli. I'm def going to give this a try now - you've got me going girl lol
    hugs Bev x


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