Saturday, 30 August 2008

When will this end.......!?????

OK so I'll apologise now.....I'm really, really, really sorry but I'm about to subject you to another .... sshhhhh..... [whispers] .... candle! In my defence its to fulfill another order from my Mum, who fortunately can't get enough of them and is willing people to have a special occasion! Think she might invent a candle giving day so that she can have a job lot of them. Which will do me a favour and feed my addiction. Hubby's a bit bemused by it all ... bless him! I just had him drilling a hole in a shell, when I asked him to do it he twice said to me "you want me to drill a hole in a shell?" as though I'd completely lost the plot and in all fairness I probably have pmsl! I think this is about like Dawny P's obsession with her Martha Stewart Doo Dah punch as she calls it rofl! She has a lot to answer to!

Image ~ Joanna Sheen coloured with H2O's, sentiment and verse ~ printed on PC, tissue paper and cellophane ~ stash, shell ~ Cleethorpes market (d'ya think something else is developing?) string ~ recycled packaging lol!


  1. Wow Jilli! At least it's a very productive obsession!! Beautiful as always!
    Love Becky xx

  2. ooh Jilli I'm loving your candles they are gorgeous I love the sparkle on the image Jill x


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