Thursday, 18 September 2008

I'm so excited!

Sad, but true! I'm really excited about going to Derby's new Primark this morning. I'm all ready and chomping at the bit. Just gotta wait for Andy to get ready..... who said women take more time? I've showered, done my hair, make-up and got dressed and hes still faffing in the bathroom! I'd go without him but he has the cash lol!

Didn't loose anything at fat club again! Thats 2 weeks running. But have decided perhaps I'm eating too much bread!

Anyway gonna get my coat on. See ya when I get back!!!!

Edited: Well, I'm back from Primark and it was fab!......But, Andy ended up buying more for him than I had! (that's it he definately has to be banned from Primark, he's getting worse than a woman) I did get what I wanted, which was a pair of pinstriped trousers and some black 3/4 length trouser and as I walked passed a handbag and umbrella fell in my basket lol! Got Rylee a gorgeous pair of black jeans with red stitching and a little black, red and grey sweater.... so cute! Will show him tomorrow after nursery. Oh yes... my trousers we're a size 12! thats 2 dress sizes since joining Weight Watchers aka Fat Club lol! I'm still 2.5lbs away from my 10% but who cares when I can fit in a size 12 again! Ok, in all fairness they are snug at the minute, but the 14 looked and was enormous, well ok then, not enormous but too big. I have until October 4th to shrink into them perfectly though!


  1. Enjoy!
    Not been to the one in Derby yet but I do love the one in Chesterfield.
    Hope you get lots of bargains!

  2. ohh Hope you have a lovely time and got lots of lovely things Jill x

  3. Hope you got lots of bargains. Thought it was just me that got excited about little things like this.
    I have had a look at your blog and find it very inspirational and have chosen you to pass this award to. If you come to my blog you can pick it up. Elaine

  4. well done Jilli, I was a size 20 and writting this makes me cringe, and blush, but I am now a 14 and have kept this sixe for 18 month my next goal is a 12. Well done I'm so proud of you as I know how hard is it. Jill x

  5. Wow Jilli! Congratulations on your weight loss! That's so fantastic!! Size 12, that's so small! You little skinny girl you!! I love Primark, was jumping for joy when we got ours in Hanley last year, you will have to visit it, it's so huge, 3 whole floors!!! I've heard it's the 2nd biggest store!!
    Love Becky xx

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss with WW!!!
    I also am a member and last week I finally reached my 10% goal..
    It's such an awesome "Fat Club" and I am so thankful for their system.
    Again.....Congrats to you!!


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