Monday, 15 September 2008

Unexpected Rylee free day!

I didn't realise Fae had booked the day off work today, so I have an unexpected Rylee free day and am looking forward to the rest of the week too..... the outlaws will have him tomorrow morning whilst I grocery shop, Wednesday morning he's at nursery, Thursday he's spending the day (for the very first time ever) with his other Grandma (Scott's Mum), not sure how thats gonna work out but oh well! Going to take the opportunity to visit Derby's new 3 floor Primark .... heaven!!! And Friday morning he's back at nursery again!!! How lucky am I? So, you'd think I'd have done lots today ..... wrong! I've been shopping for size smaller clothes this morning, came home had lunch and finally got Ellie to give me a full leg and bikini line wax....ouch!!!! I always think its a good idea till she starts doing it and then I remember its not pmsl! But its done now and I'm sat here at my laptop all sticky and with my legs and bits still fizzing! I have got another card to post for this weeks PTW challenge that I made yesterday and which fits brilliantly, but I need to go to my Mum's cos its for her friends, daughters, granddaughter and I forgot to take a photo of it. I just hope she's not collected it yet!


  1. Hi Jilli, you had me in hysterics over the waxing story!!!! Ouch, it's so painful, I know! Glad you're getting a bit of time off and I hope you enjoy it. Chris x

  2. Oooohhhh lol Jilli, you made me laugh, poor you, is it still stinging the things we do for vanity. Rylee free, well I hope you get lots of cards and candles made Hugs Jill x


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