Tuesday, 23 September 2008


.....What can you hear? Me, I can hear the whirring of Andy's PC and the clicking of the keys on my laptop as I type! Oh this is bliss lol! Might even listen to the sound of the kettle in a mo cos I'm gagging for a brew.........yes there's that sound!...........Shhhhhh! Peace and quiet! No I've not lost the plot, well not quite anyway, but I'm working on it pmsl! I'm home alone. Andy and Ellie have gone to college, Rylee's gone home and its just me and Peaches the cat. My one day of real having to listen to "Muuuuuum, does this look ok on me?" "why doesn't it look ok, you can't just say it doesn't look ok there's got to be a reason" "Muuuuuuuum, can you give me a spray tan, straighten my hair, give me a lift, etc" or "Jill can you check my college work? "Jill what we having for tea?" or "Mum, can you look after Rylee" "Mum can you pick me up some nappies, wipes, etc" or from Rylee "jhuyaj hofhhiw hoslij" "ta ta ta". So listen to my house while I make a cuppa............... See how nice that sounds! pmsl!

So whilst I've been alone for the past hour I managed to get 2 candles made and a gift sorted. I printed the images out this afternoon while Rylee was asleep so that I was all ready to go once he'd gone home.....

These candles I've done for Carrie (my neice) and Dean (her hubby) for their birthday's next month. If you're a frequent visitor, you'll know I made birthday cards for them using the same images, if you're not a frequent visitor then, hey get with the programme lol! I printed the images out in the usual way and then buffed them up with a dry cloth once they were cooled (tip from Barbara, thanks honey), makes the image all shiny and sort of stands out a bit more, or that could be my imagination!

Oh ffs, just pressed the publish button before I've finished, see what happens when I get too excited!

I got this cup for Eloise to give to Carrie. Its a VW camper cup and coaster.... only saying cos the pictures not really clear. It came in a really crappy cardboard box, that's in the bin now. I wanted to jazz it up a bit so it wasn't your bog standard boring cup. In the top of my wardrobe I've got a bag of goodies. No that those sort of goodies, keep it clean ladies!.......I added a few of those, one cup sachets.... Maltesers, Horlicks, Cappucino, Coffee, hot chocolate and a tea bag. Thought it looked a bit better. Wrapped it in cellophane and added a piece of ribbon and......voila.... a cheap cup, with one cup sachets in..........roflmao (that just for you Becky!)


  1. oh wow jilli these are great , i love em and they make such lovely gifts, glad you enjoyed 'your' time..:-)


  2. you are so funny jilli!
    love your gift idea's they look you know if the tissue paper would go through my laser printer..or not...bit worried that it'll jam up or summat stupid like that...haha..
    maybe i should try but shut my eyes...
    Enjoy the rest of your peace and quiet. hugs rachxxx

  3. Jilli you always make me laugh, how's you never heard from you for a while? I love the candles and the wrapped looks fab on the cup,, hope you're not getting too lonely all on your own Jill x

  4. pmsl.....well your house sounds the same as my mad!!!! I gather you enjoyed your 'quiet' time, you've certainly made some gorgeous pressies, your candles as always are beautiful clever you xx vicki xx

  5. These are such great gifts Jilli and perfect for men who are hard to buy for :) Donna x


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