Saturday, 6 September 2008

My award!

I've been given this fab award by Jill. It really cheered me up after an absolutely sh***y week! First we had Rylee, who thought he was a money box and then last night while I was enjoying being pampered at my Godmothers hairdressing salon I get a text message from Ellie saying "I've just crashed my car" after I remembered to breathe I realised that she couldn't be hurt else she wouldn't be texting me, but you imagine all sorts and none of what you imagine are reality ... fortunately. Anyway, after a phone call and a mad but safe dash home, we found that it was minimal damage and the car only requires a new headlight and that Ellie was just in shock. She explained that the other car was in front of her and for no reason just slammed on his brakes and she went sliding into the back of him. She had a few tears cos her car is her baby, but seemed ok after that. Put it this way she went back out in the car, not sure she really wanted to but she didn't really have a choice.
So, can you imagine how pleased I was to receive this award?! Its always nice to get an award, but this just seems extra special after this weeks trauma's. Thank you very, very, very much Jill, if you haven't visited Jill's blog then you really should she has some gorgeous cards and is extremely talented.
BTW dont think I mentioned my weight loss this week did I? When I went to fat club on Wednesday I'd lost another 2 and a half pounds ... thats 12 and a half in total and only another 2 and a half until I reach my 10%!!!!! I've also gone down a dress size!
Now I need to pass this on... Vicki, Jo, Becky, and anyone else who doesn't have it and wants it, please help yourself.


  1. So glad you're pleased to receive the award, your cards are amazing and you've been a wonderful friend to me. I hope Ellie is ok, poor thing, she must of got such a shock and poor you. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss, and a dress size, wow how fab are you!! Big Hugs Jill xx

  2. Hope Ellie has ot over this now, must have been really scary, and congrats on the weight lose, you mst be ove the moon.
    Hgs Jacqui x

  3. Hiya Jilli,

    Thank you so very much for this lovely award and thinking of me to give it to, I'm ever so grateful.

    I hope things are going better for you all this week and Ellie is getting over her ordeal, must have been awful for you all. Take care (((hugs))) xx vicki xx


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