Saturday, 20 September 2008

My Awards!

Becky and Jill have very kindly given me the "One Sweet Blog Award" and Jill has also given me the "Sylvester Award". I would like to say that I truly appreciate these awards and am pleased that my work is inspirational to some of you! It's always nice to be told that your work is fab by others, apart from family and friends who can be at times biased. So now to pass on these awards to others... Well, there are so many blogs that make me smile and two of those blogs belong to the above mentioned, but seeing as Jill already has these awards, as much as I'd love to include her in the list, it'd be a never ending process of sending it too and fro. So Jill, you do make me smile lots, every time I visit your blog and you are one of the sweetest virtual people I've met, you too Becky!

Right, here goes.... Becky I award you the Sylvester Award.... the following people are awarded both awards .....Carol, Carole, Dawny P, Jacqui, Rach, and Vicky.


  1. Jill you deserve both of this awards and more, you and your cards are amazing. I love popping over to your blog every day to see what you've been making. If you would like more stamped images, please just let me know Hugs Jill x

  2. Well done on receiving two awards and thanks for passin gthem to me hun
    Hugs Jacqui x

  3. Hi Jilli,
    congratulations on your award....your blog is so fabulous you make wonderful creations and they are lovely to come and peruse..(haha posh word for me!)
    Thanks for thinking of me when passing them on..
    Hugs Rachxx

  4. Thanks chicken and huge congrats on your awards. I'll pop this onto the old blog later xxxxx


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