Thursday, 8 October 2009

A Bit More Wedding Stuff ....

So, onto my proudest moment LOL ... never before have i made a posie ... but thanks to YouTube and some fantastic tutorials found along the way and about 4 attempts LOL ... here is what i achieved .....

Obviously, not one of the best photo's but i'm hoping to get some better shots the day of the wedding that i shall put on here as well as Facebook .... if your interested in having a nosey!

  • All Flowers ~ Dunelm .... not sure if you can tell from the photo, but they are chocolate brown and ivory roses. They came in a tied bunch of about 19 roses for £4.99 per bunch .... MIL thought that we (thats the royal we!) should leave them as is ... so the bride would have a bunch of ivory roses and the bridesmaid each have a bunch of chocolate brown ones! How crap would that've been?!!! I have no idea what the little orange flowers are, but they also came with the green whispy leaves that i've looped through the posie, they were £1.49 for a huge sprig!
  • Beads ~ I've had these so long i dont have a clue where they came from .... i do however have a vague memory that perhaps they were sewn to a cushion cover, but i can't be 100% about that! I got DH to stick the beads to a florist wire and then i wound the wire around a stem to make it a spiral. MIL thought beads were too fancy along with my suggestion of feathers ... cos i have brown ones in my stash ... as you can see she won on the feathers, but she's not having it all her way LOL and so i chucked some beads in!

The total cost for all the flowers, which have made 3 posies, 3 button holes, a corsage and a cascading bridal bouquet and i still have a bag full of flowers left over ... was £37! At some point i shall work out how much this wedding has cost them and let you know!

Can't wait to see the girls holding them with all their finery on. They are soooo excited, its the first time they've been bridesmaids! Ellie is doing everyones make-up on the day and has done everybody's colours and has done practise runs on Angeline and myself. Fae said that she'll have whatever Ellie has ... but Ellie hasn't decided yet LOL!

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  1. fabulous honey, your sooooo clever! Can't wait to see more.

    We so need to get together for a catch up, I have had to reload Messanger back on my computer, cos I had a fault with it and I thought that it was unavailable, turned out it was my computer LOL. I have been thinking that it is been broken, when all I need to do was reload it LOL.....such an idiot. I keep signed in so that I can see when your on, and don't miss you.
    Much love
    Tab xxx


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