Saturday, 10 October 2009

My Piece De Resistance ....

I know i said that the posies were my proudest moment, but i think this has since topped it .....

Looking at the photo, i'm not sure that it does it justice! Especially since Angeline is wearing her PJ's LOL! Looks like we're gonna have to wait till the end of the month when they're all dressed up and in the right setting to perhaps get a half decent piccie. But anyhow, this is the first time i've attempted to make a cascading bouquet ... god, dont that sound professional (cascading bouquet) I must admit to making it quite a few times before i was actually happy with it. I was fed up with blinkin' sticky florist tape by the time i'd finished and i managed to miss a whole Strictly Come Dancing episode on the Saturday night whilst doing it ... i did hear the programme but didn't see any of the dances!

Hey, just thought i could enter this into the Stampin' for the Weekend Challenge LOL ... it fits the colour scheme perfectly!

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  1. wow wow wow Jilli this is amazing and totally gorgeous I love all the flowers, cards and other things you've made for the wedding hugs Jill xx


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