Monday, 5 October 2009

Wedding Stuff

I'll start by showing you the invitations or imbitasyon's (tagalog ~ filipino language) that i made. The invites are all recycled ... the wedding invitations that i made for the other BIL's wedding were returned to me and being one of those people that hates waste, i have managed to recycle 22 of them and turned them into these beauties ....... DP ~ Summer Driggs Golden Sunshine
CS ~ was nicked off the FIL who'd just had a delivery of artist card/paper for drawing on with chalks or pastels!
Raffia ~ Poundland

The flourish is from an ornamental font that was a free download ... all i did was Google Wedding Font! The other fonts i've used are Scriptine and Apple Garamond Light.

Please excuse the fact that the menu is not centred on the card, but i though Angeline would like to help make them ... bless her. I just left her to get on with them. Although i'm not happy with them, she was!

Even though i've put an RSVP date that is only 1 week away my BIL and MIL still have no sense of urgency and there are still a pile of invites to be given out on the bookcase!!!

You'd never guess that they were the other invites that can be found on one of my previous posts!

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