Sunday, 5 October 2008

Parents Golden Wedding Anniversary

I just wanted to share a few photos with you that were taken yesterday whilst we had a gorgeous lunch to celebrate the oldies wedding anniversary. These might help if your a frequent visitor to my blog by putting a face to the name. So firstly we have .....

My parents. Its unusual to get Dad smiling on a photo. I suppose thats where I get it from. If someone points a camera at me (as you'll see shortly) I get self-concious and uncomfortable its unbelievable.

Declan (my nephew) and Eloise (our youngest). My sister's and our kids are really close. As you can see Ellie loves her little cousin!

My DH, Andy and me. See what I mean about my photo lol!

And again with my big sister Chris!

Our girls... Eloise on the left and Fae on the right. How much more unalike could they be!

Eloise, Bethany and Fae. The girls get on really well and are more like sisters than cousins. I think Beth looks on Fae and Ellie as her big sisters!

Scott (our future SIL), Fae's fella, posing! Don't normally get a photo of Scott, he generally says he hates having his photo taken. What do you think lol!

Declan and Rylee ~ he's this big hard 16 yr old lad or supposed to be! He visits Rylee most days and is forever wanting to take him out for a walk!

Bethany, Scott and Ellie ~ Scott thought he was some sort of stud muffin pmsl!

And our grandson Rylee on the way out. He thought it was great cos the wind was blowing in his face and making the leaves dance around his feet!


  1. aww your parents just look so happy and what a handsome family you have, Jilli you should show us your face more often your gorgeous hun, hope your ok now after your fall, and Rylee's just adorable if he lived by me, I'd want to take him out all the time too Hugs Jill x

  2. Great photos Jilli! If I ever go out I will post some photos lol!! (does Mcdonalds or Primark count?? PMSL!!)
    Love Becky xx


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