Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gift Basket As Promised

I promised to show you the gift basket i was putting together for my sister, just to let her know we're here for her. Its only a small one and has just a few of her favourite things in it, but still keeping her Weight Watchers points in mind.
Firstly i want to show the card i made yesterday again cos I've added some wire antennae to Tilda's head.

This is the basket all wrapped up in cellophane ....

It contains ...
Lavender Bubble Bath (see photo's below for altered glass jar)
Sugar Free Sweets (not only for her WW but she's also diabetic)
4 x one cup drinks sachets, all hot chocolate and all 1 WW point each
2 x Cadbury's Brunch Break Bars, 2.5 WW points each
A packet of Pink and White's
A scented candle and candle holder shaped like a beehive

This is how the jar started out that i filled with the Lavender bubble bath, with the help of Ellie who eats this disgusting stuff out of the jar, i ended up with this ....

After a good wash and titivating with some ribbon and Magnolia stamp, this is what i ended up with.

So the update on Beth is .... she arrived home last night at 7.50pm, came in, went to the bathroom, then made herself some toast, ate it in her bedroom and was asleep by about 8.30pm. She didn't go to work today, which gave my sister chance to have a good chat with her .... which to be honest we dont think has made much if any difference. She even had the cheek to ask her Mum to lend her £20, bearing in mind she only got paid 2 weeks ago this Friday and hasn't even paid all of her board yet ... she just keeps saying "yeah, i'm gonna get it from Tesco Express" or "the cashpoint has run out of money!" ... Obviously, i dont need to tell you ... she was told NO! pmsl! So, as my sister left to go to work at 3pm so did Beth taking her purse with her saying she needed to go and get her tyre sorted .... do you get the impression someones trying to pull a fast one? lol. Currently, i sit awaiting a text message from my sister to let me know when she's home ... its a bit too early at the minute for her to return as curfew time is 10.30pm.

For anyone who stalks me on Facebook ... Ellie was found at her sisters playing with the new kitten! She was convinced she'd text and told me but when she looked at her mobile she actually hadn't sent the message lol! I thought for a minute her and Beth where in competition!


  1. gorgeous gift basket sweetie, your sister is going to love it and you to bits.. hugs rachxx

  2. ooooh love it sweetie! Fab idea and how thoughtful of you to make it full of lovely goodies that are ww safe! Love the altered container, what a fab idea, looks totally gorge sweetie!

    Will catch up with you soon, been a bit hectic with it all and before I know it, its bedtime LOL, totally crap I know!
    Hugs Tab xx

  3. What a gorgeous pressie hugs han xx

  4. wow Jilli gorgeous baskets and the things you have put in it are soo thoughtful, love the bubbles and the card is stunning hugs Jill xx


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