Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Next Level ~ Challenge 3

Ok so lets see if i can actually get this challenge right the first time or if i really am retarded! pmsl! I'm thinking that all its wanting me to do is follow the sketch ... nothing else. I can't possibly get that wrong now can i? .... dont answer that! I can do following a sketch ....

This is the sketch .... and below is my card .... lololol!

I just love this card. Why has this turned out so well when its for someone i dislike so much lol ... sod's law i suppose. Now your wondering if i've completely lost the plot ... making a card for someone you dont like?! Let me explain .... its not for me to send ... its for my parents to send to my eldest sister (i'm the youngest of 3 girls ... god help em lol) I haven't spoken to her in 10 years or so ... and would you believe since not doing so, there have been less arguments and fallings out. I must add that it was her choice. She doesn't speak to the middle sister either (Beth's Mum) and we still dont know why yet lol! Anyway .... waffle ... waffle ... waffle.....
CS ~ Left overs
DP's ~ Left overs ... lol no expense spared!
Stitching ~ Sewing Machine
Image ~ RAK, but dont remember who ... am now wishing that i hadn't used it cos she's bloomin' gorgeous and was the only one of her i had .... doh! She's been coloured with Whisper Strokes and blinged with Glamour Dust.
Sentiment ~ Pink Petticoat Sentiments and Tiny Tags
Raffia and Shells ~ Stash

The inside has been decorated with not a lot lol ... just a High Hopes sandcastle image that again i have no idea where it came from, but i do know its been coloured with my Whisper Strokes!

Beth update ..... we wrongly thought we had a break through with her yesterday ... mainly cos she's ditched the boyfriend and cos she seemed to be a little remorseful for her actions of late!(emphasis on the little). My sister wouldn't allow her out in her car yesterday and kept the padlock on the gates (only one key for them which was on my sisters person at all times), but low and behold Houdini escaped as soon as my sis had gone to her fella's house for tea last night. We still dont know how she managed to remove her car or how she undid the padlock ... (she's not that intelligent ... and heaven forbid she do it herself ... her being a princess like!). She was home when my sis got back just after 10.30pm, but proceeded to abscond again when her back was turned and didn't get in till after 1.30am. Obviously wanting to be quiet and respecting others that were in bed asleep, she decided to have a rather loud mobile phone conversation and just couldn't grasp why my sis was only ever so slightly p***ed off with her! When's it gonna end? I'm thinking Phil Redmond might be interested in basing a soap around their lives lol ... i have however suggested my sister applies for the new series of "The Family" .... god it'd make good viewing i tell ya!

Edited: Been thinking about this card and the more i look at it the more i realise its just to good to give her .... so a decision has been made lol .... she's NOT having it, i'm gonna make her another!


  1. Sweet card Jilli!
    Who knows, maybe something like this card will be all it takes to make your sister wake up and realize life is too short to not share it with your family.
    Thanks for joining us @ "The Next Level"!

  2. Well this card is gorgeous.
    Wendy x

  3. What a gorgeous card Jilli,l love the image and papers.

    Hugs Riet.x

  4. Ooooh love your card, hun! Fab image and the colours are divine! Sorry to hear about you and sister, nothing stranger than families, I hate doing cards for people I don't like LOL
    Hugs Tab xxx

  5. An adorable card Jilli - I love that image too - cannot recall having seen it before - love the detail too. Thanks for joining us this week at The Next Level. Ann and Dawn xx

  6. gorgeous card Jilli, love the layout and the tilda image is beautiful hugs Jill xx

  7. Hi. Have just seen that you are local to me so thought I would stop by and take a look. I just love the Magnolia image on this sketch challenge. I don't blame you for hanging on to it - it's gorgeous :-) x


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