Saturday, 27 June 2009

Our Real Life Tilda

I just wanted to show you all our real life Tilda ... unfortunately for us she has a mouth, unlike the Magnolia Tilda ... thats something we can only dream about lol! I mustn't diss her too much cos she brought us a gorgeous victoria sponge sandwich home with her today from work. She works at Birds ... so you can only imagine how yummy this cake is gonna be!

I managed to take this tonight just before the girls went out to a BBQ and then on to town clubbing and god was it a chore! Tilda (on the left) moaned because Ellie was doing her glamour model posing lol ... and she didn't know how to do it! Ellie (obviously on the right lol) moaned cos Tilda touched her hair and worked one of her extentions loose as well as touching her make-up lol! Tilda then complained cos Ellie was shorter than her but wouldn't allow her to stand on step! Oh to be young again!


  1. Fab picture Jilli, oh the joys of being young!
    Carole x

  2. They both looks fabulous.. what it is to be young!!! *sigh* hope you enjoyed the cake. hugs rachxx


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