Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy Birthday To Me .....

Well the dreaded day has finally arrived and i have to be honest, i really dont feel as old as i am lol ... for some reason i had the strangest notion that things would get worse and change completely overnight. I've counted my crows feet and wrinkles and there doesn't appear to more than there was last night .... my saggy bits are still saggy, but no more so than yesterday. On the plus side .... I GOT PRESSIES! yayyyyy!BTW they didn't all buy me a birthday cake, although they should've lol. Have had a slice for my breakfast lol and i'm awaiting on my lunch, that DH is busy cooking as i type!
Thanks to all you lovely ladies for being so kind and generous, not only with your gifts but more importantly with your friendship!


  1. happy 40th birthday Jilli
    hope you have a lovely day hun..and a lovely lunck cooked by your hubby love clare xx

    OMG WOW..what gorgeous cards and goodies you had for your birthday.

    just found your blog by my lovely fellow welsh blogger Vicki..and ive become a follower of you..cause all your creations are gorgeous hun hugs clare

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day :) xx

  3. Happy 40th Birthday luvly.

    Your more than welcome Jilli, apologies to hubby if I started you off on another addiction.

    I wanted to put this verses in your card, but I changed my mind. so now you have mentioned about wrinkles and crows feet etc, I'll post it here instead......pmsl

    Just because you're 40
    Don't despair, oh no
    Overnight you won't discover
    You've lost your get up and go.
    Nor will you become all wrinkled,
    Nor ache from head to toe.
    So even though you're ripening
    Don't regard it as a blow,
    You won't suddenly look decrepit ....

    ...Cos that happened long ago!!

    Hope I've not offended you...lmao
    (((((HUGS)))) xx vicki xx

  4. Happy 50th birthday Jilli! pmsl!!

    OK, OK,.....Happy 40th birthday Jilli...hope it was a good one!

    Big hugs xxxx

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! :o)x

  6. Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful and fun day!!!
    Enjoy all of your new goodies :*)

  7. Happy Birthday Jilli here's to the next 40yrs!!! Sue :o)

  8. Hapyy Birthday Jilli, aww you've got some gorgeous cards and craft stuff hugs Jill xx

  9. Happy Birthday Jilli - i bet every 40 yr old is wishing they look as fab as you do
    love tasha xx


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